Above the Clouds x Maui


I was a teeny tot the last time I hopped on a plane to Maui. I only cared about getting my whale figurines from the souvenir shop and playing with my Great Aunt's three-legged dog and eating all the sweet treats my parents would let me get my hands on.

Last week, I jumped on a quick flight to Kahului for a job before the sun rose. Watched the sky's color change from black to blue. Stopped in at a small family-owned coffee shop. Drank too much drip coffee. The jitters were real. Drove 37 miles up into the clouds of Haleakala. Freaked out from the elevation 97 times. Stepped outside at the summit in a sweater, jeans and Converse and nearly froze my fingers and toes off. Talked a little story with another lone traveller. Saw a dude propose to his gal. So. Dang. Cute. Watched the sun set and super blue blood moon rise simultaneously. Then headed back to the airport while the color faded from blue to a pink and purple ombre to gray to black.

Some things are too perfect to capture.