Samoana High School Career Day


This past week a good friend of mine, Kacie, reached out about participating in an "online career day" with her students at Samoana High School in American Samoa. Sean and I were elated! Kacie prefaced our video chats by introducing her students and their culture. Although Hawaii isn't too far off from American Samoa, it was crazy to see how similar and different our cultures are.

We talked about a number of things – the whats, whys and hows of photography, videography, and web design; attending college; entrepreneurship; life in Hawaii; the highs and lows of running our own business; college and career skillsets – the list goes on.

Entrepreneurship certainly isn't a typical career path to introduce on career day, but hearing the student's questions and talking about what we do ended up being impactful for all of us. A lot of the work Sean and I put out is for our joy of documenting and creating, but we are privileged to to be able to share it with anyone, anywhere.

We're reminded quite often of how lucky we are to do what we love, and some days that reminder hits home a little harder.

Thank you so much for your time and questions! We hope we’ve inspired you as much as you’ve all inspired us. Work hard to achieve your dreams and always stay curious.
— Taylor Nebrija & Sean Watase